Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ROSALIA by michelle armas

ROSALIA by michelle armas
this piece is really AWESOMEE~!
i really love it so soo muchoo~!

into adele + design @.@

have u guyz heard about adele??
well, one to describe her is she is AMAZING~!
seriously out of this world people~!!! hahah!

the story is, while im doing my design and started to think twice about my choice to take architecture as my main course in uni~
the song, chasing pavements by adele just really accompanied me the whole week through doing my design~ the song is about me having and deciding whether the choice that i make is the right one and should i give up or what or move on or what?? it was a really emotional week for mee~its because i think ive tried my best but i dont know if it is good enough ?:((
so the design thingy really get to me :(
and that week was the first time ever .. ever~!!
that i cried over design infront of my friends :((
i just felt like .... is this a sign or what???

"should i give up or should i keep on chasing pavements if it leads nowhere~~"

it just really get me thinking about my future~
then last week , was another crit session...
and after my presentation and all....
the lecturers were like, so what is ur second choice after architecture??
and i, without hesitation and confident tell them, i wanna take LAW~!!
oowh why now~ why now~ i'd already spend 2 years of my life doing this and i dont want to regret my decision~
i think its just that time at that moment where i just cant take it anymoree~
whatever it is i will try my best and go on with this and make sure that i grad on time~!! :O

and about adele her songs really did move me~! so u guyz should realy check her out okay :))


it seems like ive been too occupied with tumblr. check me out
heheh! and been busy actually with uni~ architecture really dooooo keeps me busyy~! and tumblr. just made it more easy for me to express myself thats why i didnt blog so much since i started uni :s

colouring mode~

in my colouring mode~ did not render so its not that pretty~ but what the ... i still love it~!! heheh!