Sunday, November 30, 2008

gloria .... why.....

hu3 :(
i just wanted the Gloria headband!!!!

okay,mcD is having this Madagascar promo
due to it's movie release....

so , i went there coz i really wanted the Gloria headband...
but sadly the Gloria's edition will only
be in stored in the 3rd week....
the first week is melman's week...
but i still bought the melman headband he3

so... three weeks later...

i went to mcD , and guess what...?
they said that all of the Madagascar's merchandise
was sold out!!!!
i was like.... what?? huh???
it can't be coz you said that this week is Gloria's week???
i was confused, mad and crushed.... hu3 :(
can all of the merchandise be sold out before
the promo ends...????
or is mcD sabotaging me for something??
hu3 :(

but what am i to do.... hu3

i really wanted that headband!!!
I've waited for 3 whole week for the Gloria headband....

hu3 :(
Gloria!!!! waaaa.......

first post!!!

wow i've finally created a blog!!!