Thursday, February 26, 2009

spm results will be out on....

okay spm results out
second week of next months!!!

so, ada macam lg
dua minggu tuk nntikannya


"students can obtain the results from
their schools towards the end of
the second week,"said the
education director-general
Datuk Aiminuddin Mohd Dom

spm results will be out soon


wow mok cik is the first...

okay smalam nak gi amek mok cik
kat rumah abe yea,
ikut mama coz saje nk get fresh air....
then daa amek n all stop kat fasa 2 coz nk beli kuih sket...

pastu mama kate , okay alia drive
i was like wow!!!
biar btol mama
mok cik daa laa duduk kat
front seat...
plus mok cik cam nenek sedara
so kene cam drive btol2 kalu tak nak
jd gossip hangat hari keluarga nnti

so dgn matang n confidentnya
i drive...
pastu siap boleh stop beli grg pisang lagi....

akhirnya berjaya
mok cik tak kate apa2
about my driving laa....

tu jew actualy...
mok cik is the first
relative yg naik kereta
yg dipandu oleh moi-


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ikan kering oo ikan masin...

okay cerita dia cam ni,
smalam ayah suruh goreng ikan kering,
so kate laa , "ayah kaklia dah lame x grg ikan kering"
ayah pun kate , "just slow fire n til brown sket"
i was like okay,
so goreng laa the ikan kering....

pastu tercaught up tgk this movie
then baru teringat pasal the ikan kering...

i was like.. ooo ooo
jgn jgn please jgn
hangut (hangus +hangit)

then bila buka the lid of the thingy
zapp... asap keluar
hangut gler!!!!

huhuu :(
tak pernah pernah dengar ada
org terhangutkan ikan kering...
the ikan hitam gler!!

malu gler, ayah pun kate
"alia alia mane ade org grg ikan kering sampai nk sejam"
nothing much i can do really to save the ikan kering
so just gelak tahan malu...
and goreng another one...

nasib baik ,
the ikan kering tak hangut lg,
ayah kate okay laa...

so, cam relief laa gak...
tu laa ceritanya smalam...

but really,
rase cam kelakar la...
kenapa bleh hangutkan ikan kering???
nasib baik tak ada org tahu pasal
benda nie smalam coz
semua dah naik tdo...

kalu diaorg sume ada
gerenti malu gler...

mlm td mama pun tetido kat couch,
ayah n mama balik lambat coz
tgk cik awie kat hospital
so ayah mkn supper...
volunteer nk tlg grgkan the ikan kering
n this is what happen...
nasib nasib...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the perfect baked potatoes

yeah i did it!!
i'd just made the perfect
baked potatoes!!!

*no stuffing just plain baked potatoes
feel free to eat it in any way...

how to bake it:
-wash first
-wrap with an aluminum foil or any foil
-put the potatoes in the oven
-select convention
-temp. 200 degrees
-the time is about 30 or 35 minutes
-and it's done!!
-serve it... yum yum

believe me the potatoes is superb
so soft plus a lil' juicy....

just proud that i didn't burn the potatoes...

enjoy ;D

kaklili !!!!

kaklili... why???

kaklili u had just post(on ur blog) ,
me eating a giant cracker!!!

i'm not sad just rase
cam kelakar gler...

plus thanx kate i'm cute ;D

but i just can't run from the feeling
yang rase cam kelakar gler plus malu sket
btw btol ke tu one of ur fav pics?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

just got tag...

kaklisa just tag me...

It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag people(if u noticed missing words... sorry tend to ignore rules i can't follow). Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

My name starts with the letter- W

1. What is your name : Wan R

2. A four Letter Word : Warm

3. A boy’s Name : William

4. A girl’s Name : Winnie

5. An occupation : Waste disposal manager.... hahaa

6. A color : White

7. Something you’ll wear : Wedges... hehee ;D

8. A food : Walnut...

9. Something found in the bathroom : Wash basin.... (can rite?)

10. A place : Wilayah Labuan hahaa

11. A reason for being late : Wet my bed... (real life: never happen hahaa)

12. Something you’d shout : Weih, tggu laa!!

13. A movie title : William Shakespeare... (ada kan?)

14. Something you drink : Watermelon Smoothies... (preferred manggo smoothies he3)

15. A musical group : Weezer

16. An animal : Woodlice ;D

17. A street name : Winter's Street (the street exist okay somewhere in this world)

18. A type of car : Wagon

19. The title of a song : Where is the love?

I'm tagging

finally... fate!!!

i've waited for months to watch this movie....
and last saturday i did just that...
i was like so happy!! n excited!!

it's a korean action movie...
the movie is called fate

the main reason why
i really wanted to watch this movie is because
my all time favourite korean actor is the
main character!!!
i love song seung heon!!!


the movie is about
betrayal, suspends, action,patience,
revenge, friendship n pure conspiracy....

the ending of the movie,
was sad n devastating coz
i just can't believe that my fav actor got killed!
in front of his girlfriend n he was murdered by his good friend!!
a friend which he'd protected n take care of,
i just don't see it coming....
plus he is the main character!!!
why? huhuu :(

really guys,
all of u just have to watch the movie
urself... coz,
the movie is full with action,
and i bet u'll be amaze n glad that u've watch the movie!!

n belive me ,
if u r not up for some major hard action
u better skip the movie coz
the movie is not for a small hearted people
and the movie is superb!!
i'll give the movie 5 stars!!!

song seung heon in the movie called fate
so hot!!!


he just can't run away from his fate
no matter how far he'd run or hide or tried to resist it,
his still have to face it,
his decision can affect the lives
of the people he loves n cared...

a mix of revenge, friendship, conspiracy
and action...

superb movie!!!!
prava prava!!!!!

it's been a long time coming... oo...rain ;D

wow best!! ,
sebab asyik hujan jew kat rumah coz musim kot...
terasa laa cam nak mandi hujan
dah lame tak mandi hujan the last time mandi hujan
bila entah, masa reeno and naqib datang rumah
n gi memancing kot...
and that was entah bila...

so, smalam ambil kesempatan,
kaklili tgh basuh kereta dia...
then bila habis jew kaklili basuh kereta tu
n i was just nak offer
pertolongan, hujan turun...
i was like yeah...

then terus tanya mama ,
" mama nak basuh kereta, kaklia boleh tolong?"
dengan innocent nya,
then mama kata boleh, hehee ;D
then kaklisa plak tetiba kata
alang2 basuh kereta kaklisa skali,
i was like , okay, lagi bagus,
boleh mandi hujan lame sket...

pastu terus amek baldi yang kaklili guna tadi,
and ajak nim n azrai...
mula2 diaorg hesitate coz esok diorg ada test,
but i was like really ajak n
assure them,okay punya x demam pun...
hehee kakak yg baik...
then nim keluar....

azrai join but dia cam tgk jew n pegang payung
sambil layan phone dia...
kaklili pun mandi hujan gak...
so, cam kita semua mandi hujan...
kaklisa je kat dalam...
best ooh!!!
but sambil mandi tu, kene laa basuh 2 buah kereta
coz tu purpose boleh main kat luar mase hujan
basuh kereta.... huhuu

kitaorg mandi lama gler ,
kaklili masuk dalam dulu,
so, tinggal nim, azrai n me,
pastu tengah sedap2 melayan diri ngan hujan
azrai guna payung dia n cam curah air kat my face...
i was like , nak kene ek?!!
pastu dah siap basuh kereta semua,
kitaorg relax kat hood kereta kaklisa,
kitaorg nyanyi n cakap2....
n just mandi hujan!!!

ingat nak masuk rumah sampai
tangan jadi cam kecut...
but mama ke siapa entah yang call azrai n kata
suruh masuk...
i was like huhuu baru mandi 45 minit jew huhuu

but mmg best laa mandi hujan
coz dah lame x mandi hujan..

then after dah kering n all,
turun minum hot tea n kopi kaw punya...
kaklisa yang wat air n keopok lekor n all...
thanx kakakku...
so, mase minum tu relax relax laa
and cakap cakap...

so, smalam mase mandi hujan mmg best!!!
coz ngan hujan yang lebat n angin yang
bertiupan kencang n sejuk...

mmg best laa...
n entah bila lg boleh main hujan lagi...


yeay! dah wat amali tuggu 'L' je laa...

dgn rasminya, dah siap dah wat yang 6 jam tu semua
hari sabtu aritu...

skarang just tunggu lesen 'L' keluar
maybe esok dapat...
yeay yeay....

pastu, yang masa talk about teori 3 jam
tu, lagi best dari yang 5 jam punya dulu,
the penceramah best gler...
sporting n kinda go with the flow...
mmg gelak laa dgr dia cakap coz kelakar
dia suka wat lawak...

yang penting apa yg dia nk cakap tu sampai
and faham... he3

so maybe another two weeks start practice ngan
en.zul kat litar n highway...

just hope lulus mase ngan JPJ nnti...

wish me luck XD

three days

wow, three days without any internet connection
so much to write about....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

p.s. - i love you

the flick
p.s.- i love you

is about love and well
the film is kinda sad!

well, it's not the greatest movie ever
but the movie is just not bad...

what i like about this movie is ,
it's kinda different from all the love stories...

the movie is about this one lovely couple
(Hilary swank n Gerard butler)
then , Gerard butler kinda died!!
Hilary swank is just like so sad n felt like there's no Gerard anymore,
she didn't come out of her apartment for months...
then she started to receive letters from her late husband!!
she is just kinda shock and happy...
in every letter Gerard would ask Hilary to do something
he just want her to move on...
Gerard said in the letter that he will keep
sending her letters and don't question how
he had plan all of this for her...
the best part is,
at the end of the letter
Gerard would say,
p.s.- i love you...
wow how romantic is that!!

okay, u guys just have to watch the
movie till the end coz
it's really touching and romantic...

why i enjoy watching the movie is because,
Gerard butler is just so hot!
plus i love the irish accent!!
hahaa :D

so, the bottomline is
the film ,
p.s.- i love you
is just something that
i bet you'll enjoy watching...

death defying acts... 8D

wow, the movie is superb i tell u!!

it's kinda a well blend of everything...
there's romance, mystery, mystic,
magic and tragedy...

the movie is just something that,
when you've finish watching it
u'll be like wow,and maybe
some of u will cry as well...
coz the ending of the movie is kinda
sad n heartbreaking...

the movie is mainly about the life
of the greatest magician ever...
Mr. Harry Houdini!

about how he came to be the greatest magician ever,
about how he really wanted to be besides his mother side
when his mother is nearing her death,
how he regret not being there and tries everything to
turn back time and talk to his beloved mother,
about how he come to know the feeling and meaning of being in love,
about his hard work to perform the best show ever,
about his death and all ,
and just about magic...

for me, the ending of the movie
is pretty well directed and captured,
coz i can really relate with the movie...
there's just a part of me that's with the flow
of the movie,
so it's kinda cool!!!

well, i can't precisely describe the movie
so, just watch the movie yourself and you'll know
why the movie : death defying acts
is just superb!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yeay!! ujian undang2 and all...

yeay! yeay!
akhirnya lulus gak semua ujian
undang2 n all tu!!

rase debar gler nak tekan submit...
n akhirnya dapat gak result
n lulus!!

wow x caya ...
coz smalam wat ujian tu dua kali gagal...
nasib... he3

i just can't stop smiling dari dpt result tu
till amek slip result n till masuk kereta tuk balik rumah...


dah dpt result tu terus bagitaw mama n ayah...
mama n ayah kate well done n congrats...
plus mama bagi hadiah rm40 ...

coz pagi tadi mama n i buat deal,

okay, ada rm50 but kene bayar fees rm10
so, baki rm40...
mama kate if lulus amek rm40 tu
but if gagal x leh amek rm40 tu...

so, tadi dah lulus,
mama pun bagi laa rm40 tu...

settle dah ujian undang2 tu,
sabtu nie nak gi ceramah 3 jam plus
3 jam kat litar...
nak blaja drive kereta manual...
hu3 excited gak laa...

so, wish me luck sabtu nie...

actually pasal upu fasa 2 tu...

actually pilihan2 tuk upu fasa 2 tu
nak kemaskini

coz sebenarnya nak letak
advertising n finance...

but mase wat pilihan tu semuanya
bahasa melayu,
tak tahu ape advertising n finance dalam b.m.

but, nnti laa kemaskini...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

upin dan ipin

*sebenarnya x pernah tgk cerita upin n ipin smalam first time n best laa gak...

well smalam gi tgk movie with cake n pka...
ktorg tgk cerita geng:upin dan ipin...
hajat dihati nak support local film but last2 mmg pun nak supprt local film ha3

actually movie tu not bad...
boleh tahan...
kitaorg enjoy laa gak tgk movie tu...

yang best ada this budak2 tgk movie nie taw...
n bila movie tu cam ada yang cam takut2 sket budak2 tu cam menjerit taw
best laa tgk budak2 tu enjoy tgk movie upin n ipin nie...

yang best masa part kelakar semua org dlm hall tu gelak gler!!
n mmg kelakar pun... and mase part sedih semua cam senyap gler and kinda terfeeling jap....

but yang bagusnyer movie upin n ipin nie
cam semua ada taw.. all in one...
dalam movie nie ada humor,suspends, seram, muzikal, action n adventure n byk lagi laa...
so, bayar rm8 tuk tiket wayang nie...
berbaloi laa rase satisfied laa for a local film...

plus suara n watak upin n ipin tak annoyying....
papepun well done guys (yg wat movie nie)

so, sesiape yg x tgk lg movie geng:upin n ipin
go to your nearby cinemas n gi tgk laa movie nie...
menarik i tell u...


upu fasa 2 ... susah...

takut gler actually
waah hu3 :(

mule2 plan nak isi fasa 2 tu
after dpt result...
then bila fikirkan pasal nnti line jam n all
plus semua cam dah isi...

terpantul idea tuk wat fasa 2 tu
hari ini...

so, dengan rasminya dah isi dah

but punye lah lame
nak tekan button sah n hantar tu
dunno what happen
just rase cam kalau tekan button tu
cam something big punye kesan akan ada taw
make sense ke?
tak tahu laa mcm mane nak ckp...
the bottom line is nak tekan sah n hantar
tu cam lame gler baru ada guts tuk tekan
n alhamdullillah
in the end tertekan gak button tu...

and terisi lapan2 pilihan...
nnti dah dpt result
boleh kemaskini balik...
well, this is my pilihans:
  1. architecture uitm
  2. fundation law uitm
  3. foundation in built environment um
  4. dip. interior design uitm
  5. dip. in civil engineering (construction) uitm
  6. foundation law uitm
  7. dip. in analisis pelaburan uitm
  8. dip. in culinary arts uitm
*kat uitm ada 2 jenis foundation in law...
satu yg bleh sambung kat tempat lain
the other bleh sambung kat uitm jew...

skarang just berdoa yg result nnti okay
n walau apapun nnti resultku
i will make sure yang i will be the best
and i will work hard untuk
be successful

start amek licence kereta.... 8D

start last week dah start amek licence
last week kene dengar ceramah
for 5 jam....
then baru bleh amek ujian undang2
then ada lagi cam ceramah
n belajar bawak kereta jap
then dpt 'L'
pastu ujian memandu
then dpt 'P'
*panjang laa... hu3

k, esok nak wat ujian undang2
harap2 lulus with flying colours
kalau tak pun atas pagar pun tak pew... ha3

asal dapat lulus okay... ;D

just harap kebengangngan terhadap
seorg penceramah mase ceramah 5 jam
haritu tak mendatangkan kegagalan
kapada ujian nnti... hu3
sorry sorry en.zakaria....
ter annoyed sket jew ngan tuan...

sorry tuan...
harap berkat tuan he3

k... wish me luck
takut nie... :D

Monday, February 9, 2009

matriks - suspend jew...

ingat start today dah bleh tgk
dpt ke tak matriks tu...

name pun check status matriks anda
mesti laa ingat
nak check dpt ke tak matriks kan??

well, dah gi site dia n daa ready nie
pastu rupe3 nyer
dia suroh check yg kita dah mohon ke tak...
hampeh tak!!!

wat suspend jew...


ha3 drama dah start

well, what a drama rite??
funny though...

yesterday mr.karpal singh just
went ballistic...
he even warn ( more to ugut jew )
kat semua yang dares to lodge a police report
pasal dia...

lagi, he said that DSAI should just step down
and let the pakatan have a new leader
someone who dares to fight for
the party...
i think he just like mcm mention
yang dia patut take over... ha3

and dia even marah coz
his rakan seperjuangan
mr.lim kit siang n mr.lim guan eng tak support dia...

and dia nak seriously semua
DAP's consider utk keluar from the pakatans...

well, mr.singh
u really r something laa....
actually mase the last
GE dulu, i was like
seriousy nak mr.singh jd one of the
ahli parlimen coz i noe
when there's u kat parlimen,
the parlimen itself will
jadi lg hot and menarik...

k, akibat from mr.singh harsh and serious
statement smalam DSAI
will have a talk with mr.singh dulu...

so, drama mr.singh n DSAI
plus the pakatans
rasenye will have a long run nie..


Friday, February 6, 2009

sumpah melayu !!!

masih ingatkah kamu wahai melayu,
bahawa kita pernah bersumpah !!!

sekarang apa sudah jadi dgn sumpah kita??

wahai melayu bangkitlah!!!!

bangun dari tidurmu,
bebaskan diri dari dibelenggu anasir2 yang
boleh merosakkan bangsamu sendiri...
pertahankanlah maruahmu!!!
kita harus bersatu...

Benjamin Netanyahu !!!

Benjamin Netanyahu
does the name ring a bell??

well, besides that his name
is just so hard to remember n pronounce

i personally hate him!!

Netanyahu is one of the
israel president candidates...
if he is elected...

wow.. disaster i say...

mainly to the muslim countries...
Netanyahu is a person who is
really really hard to work with
he said that if he is incharge n all,
when the war on gaza is still going
he would never stop
besause it's only been 22 days
and they had not
burried hamas yet...

so, get me when i said that
he is a person who is hard to work with

he will never acknowledge any peace engagement

all he want is the israelis aim
is achive n accomplish...
never would care for anything besides
his beloved country , israel...

Netanyahu had become the
israel prime minister once
and well his first
attempt at the office was considered a failure

so, i guess now
he is taking part in the israel president election
because he want a second chance at the office...
and i really hope he don't get
a second chance...

btw i hate him

and please save the lives of the innocents
and stop israel from taking
the palestinein land!!

israel laknattullah!!!

just step down n let perak recover laa!!

asal nizar tak nak step down??
he even mohon untuk derhaka kpd Tuanku Perak...
well, nizar(ex-MB) let me ask u this...
apa yang ex-MB dah bagi kat rakyat perak?
ape yg telah ex-MB sumbangkan?

peningkatan dari segi ekonomi?
kemajuan rakyat?
or just ...
memecah-belahkan rakyat...
wujudkan golongan yg lupa untuk beradab dgn Raja Melayu kt...
and ketidakpercayaan lagi kepada pihak pembangkang...

well, nizar i think
u had just done enough ....!!

dalam tempoh yang x sampai setahun nie,
kalulah perkara2 yg mcn nie yg ex-MB bleh bg...
apa lagi yang ex-MB boleh bagi dalam masa 4 or 5 tahun??
rusuhan kaum?
memperbodohkan org melayu?

so, just terima jew laa
yang ramai dah tgk ape sebenarnya
akan berlaku kalau pihak pembangkang(campuran)
mentadbir perak dengan tempoh yg lebih lame

just stop now n step down

biar negeri Perak recover
from u n the opposition
punye undoing....

let the perakians
to start anew n just live live
macam biase ...
tak payah nak jadikan

hal di Perak menjadi
hal mahkamah...
semua tahu selagi mahkamah tak putuskan keputusan
Perak will still be under ur hands kan..
boleh lah sumbangkan lagi
benda2 yang telah disumbangkan tu....

so, jangan memecahbelahkan rakyat!!
hasil dia hanya SATU

perak..... a lesson to be learn lorh...

what happen in perak is just something yang semua kene amek iktibar ...

why? coz tengoklaa... the opposition dah menang 5 negeri kat malaysia nie from last year nyer general election... n until now tak sampai setahun jew memerintah daa ada negeri pihak opposition yang dah berada didlm gengggaman kerajaan balik.... how can this happen?? cepat plak tu... tak sampai setahun pun negeri2 ni diperintah oleh pihak opposition but byk masalah timbul and the negeri itself jadi unstable n just byk conflict dalaman....

so, cuba korang sume fikir...
nie baru lima negeri taw yang opposition ada.....
kalu opposition menang majoriti n cukup tuk dia jadi the new government mase the last GE dulu apa dah jadi kat negaraku Malaysia nie... maybe tak sampai setahun pun negara dah jadi huru-hara....

*k, i'm not pro BN, or pro THE OPPOSITION taw....

i'm just a concern citizen of Malaysia and i want what is best for my country...
tu jew... not more...

okay, first i really want to tepuk laa
coz BN had really just pulled a rabbit from the hat....

actually, what i really admire about BN especially UMNO is,
diaorg punya tactic politic bagus....
tactic diaorg mmg lebih bagus laa than the tactic from the opposition ....
n what really did happen in perak is nampak taw yang akhirnya
the government is willing to change for the better ...
macam akhirnya our voice are heard!
lagi2 mase the last GE last year...

so, really really hope yang when the government
dah take over perak, they would try their best
tuk tunjuk kat fellow Malaysians yang
diaorg deserve tuk memerintah
negeri Perak...

and now about the opposition n perak:
as u all should know yang perak dah beralih kuasa kapada
pihak pembangkang masa the last GE last year...
n tak sempat nak genap setahun pun memerintah ,
sekarang dengan rasminya perak
dah beralih kuasa balik kepada kerajaan...

kenapa cpt sgt diaorg collapse ( tuk perak i mean) ,
kenapa tak dpt nak mentadbir perak dengan betul??

well, actually since last year when the opposittion dapat perak...
till now...

diaorg bukannya serious
nk bangunkan negeri perak...
diaorg rather just main politik jew...

semua tahu masa perak ditadbir oleh pihak opposition
iaitu gabungan yang jarang n luar biasa sekali diantara
DAP, PAS , and PKR .... or the pakatans...

negeri perak is merely about politik dalaman jew...
bukannya pembangunan ekonomi or pendidikan or ape...
diaorg main politik jew!!!

well, what a waste of time kan !!!

diaorg ( the opposition) patut dalam tempoh
dapat mentadbir perak tu, tingkatkan laa ekonomi,
boost up the state nyer net growth...
majukan perak seperti apa yg mereka telah
janjikan mase berkempen dahulu,
tunaikan manifesto2 mereka semua and
just start anew laa bila dah promise
the perakians tuk membuat perubahan!!!

what happen to all the promises??
ape sebenarnya yang dah terjadi??

so , fikirkanlah baik2 about what happen

in perak n ape yang patut kita semua pelajari dari
inciddent nie...

and belive me , perak is not
the ending of our ketidakstabilan politik,
it is merely only the beginning....

Monday, February 2, 2009

wow... great shoes!!!

wow, what a shoe rite??
this is a jimmy choos....
when i was surfing for shoes
i come across this...

what more can a girl say??

superb rite!!!!

it's the shoes...
when i look at it
i was like

wow, what a creation
what an aura the shoes give out...

i just really love the shoes

well, i'm not gonna buy it
coz i noe i never will wear it
so, its just like

looking at it
and that it's just

satisfaction n pleasure...

once again

superb creation senor choos!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

in-trend yeay!!

well, just reading the papers n all
and it just hit me.....

having a custom made shoes is the
2009 trend!!

n i've got one!!!

i was like...

he3 8D

thanx afiqqe...

n nnti i will wat my own personal shoes gak
nk keluarkan ke artistikkan di dlm diri....



actually nak wat confession sket:

k, sebenarnya january ari tu
mase tengah gayut ngan bhaha
mmg best laa...
and bila semangat cerita this n that
tersebut "slut"
kepada a certain someone
x taw laa nape
(actually tahu)
x pernah address a person ngan
panggilan tu so that certain
someone laa the first.

nak minta sorry kat dia macam
tak payah .so, bila rasa guilt tu
menguasai diri
had to bgtaw parents
mama n all kate mmg apa
yg alia kate tu mmg not good
n kinda bad gak laa
then yang cam klakar n i'm completely 100%
agree is when ayah kate,
x pe laa coz alia daa x suke dia
nak wat camne ...
so, pokoknya
mmg menyesali kejadian tu kot
but harap dia sehat2 selalu n berjaya dlm hidup
n nasib baek bhaha pun cam setuju he3
so, daa confess n it's done.. case close.... ;D