Thursday, March 12, 2009

the spm aftermath!!!

waah!! waah!!
i've finally got my results!!!
n alhamdullillah
rasenyer okay kot...
just more than i expected laa
tu cam best tu...

hehee  ;D
just proud that i've got an A for bm...
for me that's enough n macam relief arr...

sekarang, theres no heading back
just move forward n forward
akan lebih berusaha tuk future 
n be successfull!!!

so, thanx semua that have made it possibble
for me to attain such a results...
thank you
my lovely family,
cikgu-cikgu, classmate, 
kengkawan, n just semua laa...
thank you guys so so much!!!

i'm seriously bangga n happy
for all of my friends...
donad n afiqqe wow u guys
r just macam alien 
yg lain i'm just happy laa 
for u and us okay!!

;D but whatever it is
spm is not the end of the world
it is merely the beginning
so, just heads up for the future lorh
kene work hard lagi

k, nnti ingat nak wat party!!!
 let's party baby!!!
coz maybe nie cam last 
bleh gather ramai2
before semua pergi ngan
their own path n way...

so, hope support korang to
jadikan the party a success...
k, c all of u soon 

spm is
really really finally
just happy tak tahu kenapa
hehee  ;)


MIHLYLE said...

hahah alien tahts funny... congrats , kte pun bangge giler wif u. nanti same2 wat architecture

alia_wedges said...

hehee thanx afiqqe...
wokeyh let's jadi course mate ;D