Sunday, December 12, 2010

sahabat? it got me thinking~

okay haritu ada org tanya, alia ada byk sahabat tak?
i was like.... ehemmmmm~ sahabat? kawan ke maksud? apekah? hahhah!
if kawan ade je~ nape?
then dia kata, bukan kawan, but sahabat?
tetiba "tersentak" -if theres such word jap.... it got me thinking~ sahabat~ :s
then dia explain like, sahabat ni actually macam seseorg yg akan sentiasa be by your side whenever u need and seangkatannya~
macam dia loyal laa n accept kt as diri kt!
always there if theres anything...
a friend yg kt boleh talk to and be around with as diri kt sendiri!
u get the picture right? the perbezaan between kawan and sahabat?

i was like... bila ditanya such questions , it just got me thinking u know~
macam.. aha~ sahabat? cool~ adekah saya mempunyai any sahabat?
hahah! :O

but Alhamdulillah~ im blessed~!
im surrounded by good friends~ :)

when the word sahabat pop out,
i was thinking of cake, afiqqe n yassierroo~!
they are like my fav people to hang out with :)
every time we spend together are fun and stress free! hahah!
we would talk about our lives... about whats happening... whats new...
we even talk about serious stuff like academics, current issues, movies, gossips n such hahah!
apa yg friends selalu talk about laa kan~
we even kadang2 buat like a session to express about apakah perasaan and such, masing2 towards one another~ kadang2 kt ter-surprise like whoa~! am i really like that? heheh!
membantu laaa dlm men-deepen-kan lagi our relationship! :)
its like if ade pape, we all know that we have each other!
we all didnt plan at all to be like close friends or bff and such, it just happen!
we even kadang2 discuss like, apesal ek ktorg tetiba boleh rapat ni?
coz sincerely, at first im not at all comfortable with cake but then we grow to know each other n just click! hahah! :) contohnya macam itulah~

but pernah, adik tanya, asyik keluar dengan org sama je, tak de org lain ke?

i was like~ okay.... hahhah!
maybe dia tak jumpa lagi a set of good friends yang dia selesa with or dia just pelik asal nak keluar dengan org yang sama selalu....
i just wanna say that, i wanna hang out with the people who i enjoy being with :p
i dont wanna waste my time being with the people who would stress me out or i dont enjoy their company... its just like wasting my precious time! hahah! :) and why would i do that? hahah

but apa2 pun im thankful and grateful for all the friends and sahabat's that i have :)
thanx yaw~! :) hahah! i love u guys!

me, dada n bhaha
even though kt jarang jumpe!
we always remember to keep in touch with each other!
i love u guys oooowh~! hahaha :)


Nim said...

HAHA --___--'
ala,bkan in a mean way cakap.just asking :D yeah,i know who your ''sahabat''is.
yup,you're right nim x jumpa lgi ''sahabat'' coz nim rse expectations nim utk seseorang tu jdi ''sahabat'' nim sangat tinggi. but thank god,adik banyak kawan :D it's fun and all but still tak jumpa ''sahabat'' :'( someday maybe.soulmate kot :P HAHA(!)
but i'm happy.sekarang pndangan nim pda kawan tu totally different.semua kwn sama,sma penting. ;D

sue. said...

we l0ve 0ur sahabat isnt?...hee =.)