Thursday, January 1, 2009

the last day of the year 2008

last day of 2008!!!
31st december 2008

mmg menarik....

we (+ my family) spend our last day of the year 2008
with gardening nite!!!

start gardening pukul 9pm after tgk newz
ktorg rearrage our plants sume
basuh our fish pond
n redesign our pond landscape

mmg best
n fuhh........

habis gardening sume pukul 12.40pm

so, meaning ktorg gardening

dari 2008 till 2009!!

mmg sambut new year yg kinda relaxing...
pastu ktorg gi makan n minum2 n bual2 kat meja....

this is what i call
spending the last day of the year with my family

so... epy new year!!!!

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