Wednesday, September 30, 2009

alexander skarsgard!!! seriously hot!!!!

i know u guys miss me
coz it's been ages since my last post....
(nnti i update k)
now i wanna
brag about how hot
alex skarsgard is
heheee *innocent laugh

have u guys watch
wow~~ superb rite
trueblood is all about the hot vampires and villains!!!!
plus more *duh :p
n i just can't get enough of this one particular
hot vampire
hahaaa :p
the person i'm talking about is
alexander skarsgard
who plays Eric Northman
the vampire sheriff :)

look at him guys
heheee :)

u can also catch alex skarsgard in
lady gaga's paparazzi music video
isn't he's just too hot!!
what more can i say
he's hot!!!!


Aimi said...

alia suka ug tua2 a.k.a matanglah konon

alia_wedges said...

alaa mee
dia mane tua pun
n dia hot kan? kan?
hahhaaaa :p