Tuesday, April 27, 2010

life as an archi student.....

actually this is what i wrote
last sem,
but x sempat sempat nk post,
so here it goes~
edition last sem~


skarang dah sah that
i am an archi student....
cam best je kan bunyi dia
archi student, budak arki!!!
hehee :)
but kaklili starts calling me
budak daki~~
coz ktorg slalu x sempat nk mandi~~

k, skarang dah masuk plus minus
2 months plus laa menjadi archi student
and i've got to say
i'm still trying to adapt n adjust
coz time....time..time...
oooo have to manage btol2 kalu tak i'm dead meat laa
the next day-nyer
camne nk focus huuhhhuuu

my studiomates r awesome sume cam best jew~~
bleh blend laa :p
plus they all started to call me wedges :D


tu je actually yg sempat ditulis last sem~

k ni latest updates~
skarang tgh finals
dah nk habis dh my first year~
br je paper chem habis
ahad ni plak ade paper
intro to architecture~
then 10-14 may camtu
plak ade
internal n external review~
oowh, portfolio x siap lg :s

n skarang my official name kat
studio is wedges or wedgy
klakar oowh wedgy actually
but dh biase so x pe :)

n paling x leh blaa is
mase archifest hari tu
dia ade printkan
our face n name taw
kat atas this one 'shot glass'
n namaku dieja = wedgy
so dh termaktub laa name tu sampai bila2
k laa
penat plak~
nnti laa smbung :)

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