Sunday, February 22, 2009

finally... fate!!!

i've waited for months to watch this movie....
and last saturday i did just that...
i was like so happy!! n excited!!

it's a korean action movie...
the movie is called fate

the main reason why
i really wanted to watch this movie is because
my all time favourite korean actor is the
main character!!!
i love song seung heon!!!


the movie is about
betrayal, suspends, action,patience,
revenge, friendship n pure conspiracy....

the ending of the movie,
was sad n devastating coz
i just can't believe that my fav actor got killed!
in front of his girlfriend n he was murdered by his good friend!!
a friend which he'd protected n take care of,
i just don't see it coming....
plus he is the main character!!!
why? huhuu :(

really guys,
all of u just have to watch the movie
urself... coz,
the movie is full with action,
and i bet u'll be amaze n glad that u've watch the movie!!

n belive me ,
if u r not up for some major hard action
u better skip the movie coz
the movie is not for a small hearted people
and the movie is superb!!
i'll give the movie 5 stars!!!

song seung heon in the movie called fate
so hot!!!


he just can't run away from his fate
no matter how far he'd run or hide or tried to resist it,
his still have to face it,
his decision can affect the lives
of the people he loves n cared...

a mix of revenge, friendship, conspiracy
and action...

superb movie!!!!
prava prava!!!!!

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