Monday, February 2, 2009

wow... great shoes!!!

wow, what a shoe rite??
this is a jimmy choos....
when i was surfing for shoes
i come across this...

what more can a girl say??

superb rite!!!!

it's the shoes...
when i look at it
i was like

wow, what a creation
what an aura the shoes give out...

i just really love the shoes

well, i'm not gonna buy it
coz i noe i never will wear it
so, its just like

looking at it
and that it's just

satisfaction n pleasure...

once again

superb creation senor choos!!!


MIHLYLE said...

okay nanati "ayang" belikan ye hehehe

Lili said...


alia_wedges said...

to mihlyle:

"ayang" nak belikan ??
ha3 8D

to kaklili:

nape creeppyy plak??
that shoe is like a masterpiece plak hu3