Thursday, February 19, 2009

death defying acts... 8D

wow, the movie is superb i tell u!!

it's kinda a well blend of everything...
there's romance, mystery, mystic,
magic and tragedy...

the movie is just something that,
when you've finish watching it
u'll be like wow,and maybe
some of u will cry as well...
coz the ending of the movie is kinda
sad n heartbreaking...

the movie is mainly about the life
of the greatest magician ever...
Mr. Harry Houdini!

about how he came to be the greatest magician ever,
about how he really wanted to be besides his mother side
when his mother is nearing her death,
how he regret not being there and tries everything to
turn back time and talk to his beloved mother,
about how he come to know the feeling and meaning of being in love,
about his hard work to perform the best show ever,
about his death and all ,
and just about magic...

for me, the ending of the movie
is pretty well directed and captured,
coz i can really relate with the movie...
there's just a part of me that's with the flow
of the movie,
so it's kinda cool!!!

well, i can't precisely describe the movie
so, just watch the movie yourself and you'll know
why the movie : death defying acts
is just superb!!!

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