Monday, February 9, 2009

ha3 drama dah start

well, what a drama rite??
funny though...

yesterday mr.karpal singh just
went ballistic...
he even warn ( more to ugut jew )
kat semua yang dares to lodge a police report
pasal dia...

lagi, he said that DSAI should just step down
and let the pakatan have a new leader
someone who dares to fight for
the party...
i think he just like mcm mention
yang dia patut take over... ha3

and dia even marah coz
his rakan seperjuangan
mr.lim kit siang n mr.lim guan eng tak support dia...

and dia nak seriously semua
DAP's consider utk keluar from the pakatans...

well, mr.singh
u really r something laa....
actually mase the last
GE dulu, i was like
seriousy nak mr.singh jd one of the
ahli parlimen coz i noe
when there's u kat parlimen,
the parlimen itself will
jadi lg hot and menarik...

k, akibat from mr.singh harsh and serious
statement smalam DSAI
will have a talk with mr.singh dulu...

so, drama mr.singh n DSAI
plus the pakatans
rasenye will have a long run nie..


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