Friday, February 6, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu !!!

Benjamin Netanyahu
does the name ring a bell??

well, besides that his name
is just so hard to remember n pronounce

i personally hate him!!

Netanyahu is one of the
israel president candidates...
if he is elected...

wow.. disaster i say...

mainly to the muslim countries...
Netanyahu is a person who is
really really hard to work with
he said that if he is incharge n all,
when the war on gaza is still going
he would never stop
besause it's only been 22 days
and they had not
burried hamas yet...

so, get me when i said that
he is a person who is hard to work with

he will never acknowledge any peace engagement

all he want is the israelis aim
is achive n accomplish...
never would care for anything besides
his beloved country , israel...

Netanyahu had become the
israel prime minister once
and well his first
attempt at the office was considered a failure

so, i guess now
he is taking part in the israel president election
because he want a second chance at the office...
and i really hope he don't get
a second chance...

btw i hate him

and please save the lives of the innocents
and stop israel from taking
the palestinein land!!

israel laknattullah!!!

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