Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the perfect baked potatoes

yeah i did it!!
i'd just made the perfect
baked potatoes!!!

*no stuffing just plain baked potatoes
feel free to eat it in any way...

how to bake it:
-wash first
-wrap with an aluminum foil or any foil
-put the potatoes in the oven
-select convention
-temp. 200 degrees
-the time is about 30 or 35 minutes
-and it's done!!
-serve it... yum yum

believe me the potatoes is superb
so soft plus a lil' juicy....

just proud that i didn't burn the potatoes...

enjoy ;D


MIHLYLE said...

wah wah susah jer, kte klau wat just masuk microwave ahhahahahahah

alia_wedges said...


hahaa afiqqe , nie just one of the ways tuk wat baked potatoes...

feel free to try laa...